With its professional and experienced team, Plures has been a leading company in aircraft chartering services since the day of its establishment. Consisting of a team full of young, dynamic and specialized professionals who always aim for the best quality, Plures ensures its clients a comfortable journey. Adopting the concept of "Flawless Service" in all of its operations, our company answers the demands of its clients in a professional, timely and safe manner. In addition, Plures owns an always improving and safe quality policy that complies with the regulations of civil aviation, tracks the latest industrial developments and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Who Charters Private Aircrafts?

• VIP Individuals

• Sport Club Managers and sports fan groups

• Bureaucrats and diplomats

• Businessmen

• Corporate Organizations

• Music Bands

• Private Travel Organizations

• Military Personnel

• Celebrities as well as many other different organizations prefer to utilize aircraft chartering services. Flying under Plures warranty on the other hand, is a privilege.

Thanks to its air ambulance, private jet, airliner and air cargo services, our company provides support for different institutions and organizations in numerous events such as group travels and business trips. Yet, another factor that makes Plures a highly preferred aviation company is the before and after flight services it provides to its clients. Plures is not only an aircraft charter company but also an extensive travel helper with its before and after flight services. Serving its clients efficiently in both national and international flights, Plures provides not only a pleasurable flight for its clients, but also offers comfort prior to and/or following your flight.

Your Flight Begins at Home

Wouldn't you want to enjoy the comfort of your flight both before and after it as well? With Plures your travel that begins on your doorsteps continues with the same comfortable standards till you have reached your last destination point. Comfortable and luxurious vehicles provide you the airport transfer that you demand during your flights. Plures exclusively brings a safe and pleasurable transportation experience to you for all your leisure and business travels.

"Your Aircraft is Ready!" is not merely a catchword for Plures. Rather it is an everyday realized philosophy, which offers you aircraft chartering services whenever you like promptly. Maintaining its reputation and quality level for years, Plures aims the highest level of customer satisfaction with its extensive aircraft fleet. Our company also reflects its acclaimed expertise and quality in aircraft chartering industry to different service fields. Providing its clients exclusive and private flight services with private jet and airliner options and diminishing the worries of scheduled flights and delays for over ten years, Plures has confirmed and strengthened its place in aviation industry. In addition to transportation, our company has proved its accurate operational style and credibility with its cargo delivery services as well. Plures has also succored its clients with a vital service. The latest technology, fully equipped Plures air ambulances have allowed professionals to help the injured people and emergency patients on the spot. Our company maintains its successful services advancing every other day. Our genial crew does not intend to limit their service to airports at all. We continue to our path with even more confident and stronger steps extending our area of service.

Plures is at Your Disposal with Brand New Services

With the knowledge and experience we have gained for over 10 years in aviation sector, we wish to accompany you not only during your flight but also throughout your whole journey offering Plures guarantee in every phase of your travel. Plures takes confident steps in tourism sector and offers its clients brand new services. You may contact our company for getting detailed information about the most suitable domestic and international flight tickets for you and buy tickets for the best prices. In case there are no flights scheduled on a date you need to travel, our company will be happy to offer you a private aircraft that will be ready on the date and the time you specified. Besides transportation, your accommodation is at safe hands as well. We will make your reservations in meticulously selected hotels according to your criteria. Thanks to our 24/7 available crew, you can always find a solution for any problem you encounter during your travel. Thanks to the consultancy services that we offer for visa procedures, you will also be spared from numerous bothersome details and paperwork. Thus when you are free of all the inconveniences of a travel, what is left is nothing but to enjoy every moment.

Plures Chauffeur Driven Car Hire

Private car hire is another service we offer our clients. Our company enables you to reach your destination in the most comfortable way with its airport transfer services as well as putting its luxurious vehicles at your disposal throughout all your travels. We offer minibus options for your group travels as well. You can plan your own tour with your rental vehicle or you may join the tours that Plures organizes for you. Let us assume you have to make a business trip that requires you to visit more than a single city. Flying to your destination, finding a way for your airport transfer and repeating this cycle each time means wasting your time for nothing. Yet, you can comfortably get to your destination under the credible navigation of the experienced chauffeurs of our company enjoying your ride and the view. Our company offers chauffeur driven car hire services as well as private chauffeur procurement for all your inner city transportation demands in Istanbul in addition to inter-city travels across Turkey. How about gaining time and simplifying life with Plures?

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