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Well, you have planned a private tour in Istanbul for couple of days but you cannot decide between the alternatives. There are numerous tour programs in front of you and all of them make you visit places you are not interested in. Sounds familiar?

In case you want your vacation that you have waited for a whole year to be completely special for you and your wishes; our Istanbul private tour service is just for you.

Private Istanbul Tour with Plures

One of the most convenient ways of exploring Istanbul, one of the most important cultural centers of the world that was once the capital of Ottoman, Rome and Byzantium empires, is the private city tour. Plures invites you to a unique Istanbul experience. A leading company in aircraft chartering and airport transfer services, Plures offers an unmissable opportunity for those who come to Istanbul from abroad. Thanks to private city tours, it is way easier for you to explore all the popular history and touristic places of Istanbul with Plures quality and comfort. Leading private tours not only for Istanbul but also for any destination across Turkey, our company sustains providing the best service for its customer today just like it used to do yesterday.

With our Istanbul private tour service you spend a vacation that you have designed entirely in accordance with your wishes. In our Istanbul private tour services, a program planned completely according to your preferences is created and applied merely for you and the ones you love. Would you prefer visiting a modern world or the ancient streets smelling history? Would you like to have your dinner by the view of Bosporus or among verdant trees? An holiday resort or boutique hotels? All is up to you.


Private Tour Services at the Heart of Turkey, Istanbul

We have some opinions that we think can help you choose between these alternatives for your private tour you will spend at the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. The list of the places we will mention does not simply consist of fixed assets, but it also includes living streets of Istanbul. One of the oldest centers of population in the history, Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city that had been the capital of three different civilizations so far. Chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2010, Istanbul is a whole which has blended numerous different religions, languages, cultures and civilizations within itself. Having accommodated many historical figures, poets, scientists, religious scholars and heroes, Istanbul is one of the exclusive cities. With respect to its location, Istanbul continues to attract the world's attention today. It is an important trade center connecting Europe and Asia continents together.

The Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Kapalı Çarşı and Bosporus Tour can be listed as fixed assets of Istanbul. You also should be careful not to miss out these places in your private tour plan.

On the other hand, if you are not planning a historical tour you don't have to spend more time in the historical peninsula. Instead, you may spend your Istanbul days in the modern part of the city.

In order to discover the contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul Modern is a must-see museum for you. Passing through the ancient peninsula and moving towards Tophane, the museum which was established in 2004 by Oya and Bülent Eczacıbaşı, welcomes you along the shore. With its periodic and continuous showrooms, photo galleries, education and social programs, library, cinema, restaurant and stores Istanbul Modern Arts Museum is a place where you may spend your time as you wish. Closed on Mondays, the museum can be visited on any other day of the week.

While leaving Istanbul Modern and moving towards Beyoğlu over the Boğazkesen Street you may be a guest at one of the various modern art galleries which reside at both sides of the street.

On the way you may stop at Çukurcuma and wonder into many antique stores that are hidden among salient houses to witness how history finds life in the modern world. Also, Nobel awarded Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence is located in Çukurcuma as well. Having a peculiar style, the museum has a story to tell you.

At the end of this road, where you will find something that enchants you at every step, you will reach İstiklal Street. Here, you will continue to see galleries around you. You may find cafes/bars here both great in number and various in style for cooling your heels and having a drink. We recommend you be ready not to miss anything on İstiklal Street. Particularly on weekends, the street is indeed dazzling with an unreasonable crowd of people and myriad of cafes/bars that are hard to choose from.

If you have time you may end the day in the elegant streets of Nişantaşı. As one of the most modern streets of Istanbul, Nişantaşı is a corner from the modern world in this ancient city. In particular, Nişantaşı is widely preferred for shopping by the locals of Istanbul as well as its guests. In Nişantaşı, the street spilled beauty of the art fuses with the elegant restaurants and shops.

Following the İstiklal Street, you may also head to Galata as an alternate to Nişantaşı. The famous Galata tower which adorns the view of Istanbul from numerous angles particularly from the historical peninsula, is also located here in Galata. A remainder from Genoveses; you may climb up to this tower and watch Istanbul on a bird's eye view.

Later on, you may pursuit your modern tour in İstanbul with Sadberk Hanım Museum in Sarıyer and Sakıp Sabancı Museum thereabouts. These museums which give life to history and modernity together, are a must-see. The region that offers a very different Bosporus ambiance when compared to the historical peninsula, has restaurants each more gorgeous than the next. You will sure find a place to flatter your palate here. Blending the unique atmosphere of Bosporus with magnificent tastes in one of these restaurants, you may indulge in unforgettable moments unique to Istanbul.

This modern İstanbul tour that we have shortly mentioned, is just one of the alternatives you may realize in this beautiful city. Istanbul offers you myriad kinds of opportunities. With our tours private to individuals as well as groups, as Plures, we enable you to take these opportunities in the best way. We conduct all your inner-Istanbul transportation with private and luxurious vehicles and VIP minibuses. Independent of your field of interests, we certainly have just the right private Istanbul tour for everyone!

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