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Private jet charter services have shown great improvements in the last 10 years in Turkey. The only address of flying from one place to another quickly and safely is private jets, service spread to the global work area. So that, due to intercompany communication and work also expanded, the most preferred transportation is jet. Turkey based the private jet rental service is only a phone call away to benefit.

Who benefits from a private jet charter service?

We can a list of beneficiaries widely uses this service as: Executives, holding CEOs, heads of state, diplomats, football teams, famous soccer players, individuals who need emergency transportation, company owners, journalists, charitable organizations and various artists have taken advantage of this special service. If you want to get a private jet charter services to or from Turkey, you can contact with our company immediately.

Special Advisors Guided Most Accurate Cost Calculations

Plures is producing solutions for both the individual needs and needs of corporate firms for the aviation sector, in line with the experience of accurate predictions and produce suitable alternatives. Turkey-based private jet charter services pricing generally calculated considering, type of the jet, characteristics of the jet, distance to destination, route, number of passenger, offered service and staff, extra services.

With individual private jet charter services, our company targets to give you the trip of your dreams, offers a privatized trip with all the privileges of private jet charter services. Private jet charter services pricing, shaped with preferred catering, extra features and services you have requested. If you wish, our consultant will help you for planning if you share your budget.

Private jet charter service is one of the aviation solutions that corporate firms needed, with special advisers, meeting the organization's needs and objectives, minimizing the costs will be calculated profitable. Our company, in order to solve the transportation needs of the corporate customers, offers and plans strategies with most reasonable prices in long term.

To meet with Plures Air's excellent service concept and in order to achieve the most accurate information about private jet rental price in Turkey, you can fill out the request form and expect a call from us, you can get information from online support service or you can just call us.

private jet Turkey

Facts About Turkey

The country with thousands of years of history; With traces of the ancient Ages; Turkish tribes imigrated from Central Asia, making Anatolia the homeland and with numerous conquests, gained its current location. There are numerous museums, historical monuments, palaces, ruins and worship places in the country. Istanbul one of the rare city which could be considered once the capital of the world, is in this country. You can experience all four seasons throughout the year in this country, in winter snow sports; in summer you can enjoy coastal areas with the pristine sea. Thanks to its abundance of forests in the country, hiking, camping activities can also be performed. Due to diversity in ethnicity, it has a multicultural society. Friendly people, known as tolerant and welcoming.

Important Cities of Turkey and Travel Guide

Istanbul the mysterious city of the history, Urgup-Goreme with the wonders of nature fairy chimneys and underground cities. With the fabulous tales of the East and wisdom of the people Mardin, Gaziantep and Urfa. Hosting many different religions, Antakya.

In cities Trabzon, Rize, Artvin, Giresun you can see all shades of green and abundant supply of oxygen. Beauty of nature in the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts; Antalya, Mersin, Bodrum, Marmaris, Cesme.

You can see the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Izmir one of the world's seven wonders. Bearing the scars of war that changed the destiny of a country; Dardanelles. Troy; the city has experienced the most memorable battles of antiquity. If dealing with winter sports should definitely experience of the Erzurum-Palandöken and Bursa Uludag. Mount Ida; Balikesir, Canakkale full of mythological epic.

The historical texture of the country is based on both the various civilizations and interaction of different cultures, there are different kinds of traditional products. In almost every city, unique to the region, you will find many traditional products. The Turks are quite skilful in weaving. You can buy local products such as carpets, rugs, cloth bags, clothing. Pottery, glass processing, embroidery and handicraft products are also available.

The country's culinary culture is also very various. Especially Turkish kebab known as Döner, pistachio baklava, Turkish coffee, dolma and Turkish breakfast; is surely taste of the foods that should be tried.

The country; that we can say that it is the cradle of civilization because it has a rich history, it is possible to see the works in the museum. The main Museums are; Topkapi Palace Museum, the archeological museum in Istanbul, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, the Ethnography Museum, Ankara Gordion Museum, Uşak archeological museum, Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum.

The Country at the junction of Asia and Europe continents; hosting international festivals and the fairs. International Music and Film Festival, Izmir European Jazz Festival, the Ankara International Film Festival. Some fairs will be held in Turkey in 2015 as follows; Izmir International Fair, Turkey Tunnel Expo, Iwa Water Expo Istanbul, Turkey Ipack, Worldfood Istanbul.

To give an idea about the local culture festivals in the country; Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival, Golden Orange Film Festival, Golden Boll Film Festival, Newroz Day, the Rumeli Fortress concerts and festivals are usually celebrated during the summer and started in the spring. The history, nature, entertainment, sea, sun, culture, dining, great synthesis of humanity is worth seeing and visiting in this country.

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