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Plures simplifies your life with the Istanbul private jet chartering services it offers. Acclaimed in Turkey as well as around the world, Plures sustains its world-class services with private jet charters as well. One of the most famous private jet chartering brands of Turkey, Plures offers services for various purposes such as international business tours, leisure as well as tourism travels. Our company where you can demand both corporate and individual services will make you experience numerous advantages such as personal freedom and flexibility with the comfortable and fast transportation services it offers.

Your Priorities are Our Priorities

Our company is aware of how important are the concepts of time and speed for individuals and hence it offers opportunities for you to live your life up to the efficiency level you desire. With its Istanbul private jet chartering services, our company deeply respects the concepts which are valuable to you. Regarding your priorities as its own and serving you accordingly, our company operates by services peculiar to you. Utilizing technology and thus producing solutions fit to modern age, we turn long and challenging distances into short and comfortable destinations. With the Istanbul private jet chartering service our company offers, you may enjoy an exclusive flight experience in company of genial and customer-focused personnel.

Celebrating special occasions with your loved ones, visiting your friends, going on a vacation or conducting business meetings may be a very urgent demand for you. If so, the Istanbul private jet chartering service Plures offers will be the best way of transportation for you.

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Charter a Private Jet to Catch up with the World!

There are a wide variety of things to be done with aircraft chartering which is a quite more profitable system than buying an aircraft. The unpredictable and gradually growing expenses of owning an aircraft, such as maintenance, taxes, apron and operation fees, personnel wages, ground handling fees and hangar rental usually motivates holding owners to charter an aircraft when necessary rather than buying one. As witnessed during the economic crisis of 2001, aircraft owners first sold out their aircrafts than yachts and then tried to sell their cars. By 2009, the financial status of the country has begun to gain a momentum and the number of aircrafts owned in the country which used to be as low as 15 during the crisis has increased up to 267 today, according to the data provided by Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Company owners who considered owning aircraft a risk have found an easy and credible way of catering their needs by settling with private aircraft chartering companies.

When we look on a global scale, Turkey has been shown among countries which has achieved the fastest acceleration in private aircraft chartering field; in this respect Turkey is followed by countries like China and Russia. Indeed, it is not a coincidence that there is a great demand for private aircrafts both in Turkey and around the world. As a matter of fact, the negative factors such as the intensity at airports and unexpected delays which arise in consequence of the increase in the number of conducted flights and airway passengers guided mainly the business men who had urgent meetings to catch up with to this direction. When the relationship between time and profit is taken into consideration, aircrafts are no longer assumed a luxury. Chartering a private jet is the first choice of not only business men, bureaucrats and ambassadors who are going to attend diplomatic meetings but also of singers and the transportation of their musical instruments as well as personal and leisure travel purposes of many individuals.


This high rate of increase in Turkey has also attracted the attention of private jet manufacturers for sure and they become competing with one another to import their jets in Turkish market. Furthermore, in 2012 the president of corporate communications of private jet manufacturer Embraer has stated that the financial status of Turkey was in a better position than many European countries in debt indicating that he anticipates further increase in the number of private jets available in the country. Indeed, his anticipation proved to be right.

As Plures Air, we offer both mid-range and long range aircrafts in our fleet and ensure you arrive at your desired destination at the highest level of comfort with VIP services.

In case you also need to catch up with an urgent meeting, tired of waiting at the airport, want to ensure your clients a luxurious and comfortable VIP service or you have musical programs and you need to attend concerts, make an unforgettable proposal to your girlfriend on the clouds or simply want to enjoy flying; we as Plures Air are 24/7 at your disposal with our professional crew.

The Right Address of Comfortable Flight

The Istanbul private jet chartering service is a private service offered by Plures.

The aircraft you chartered is offered to your service after being prepared by our company in the shortest time possible. Within the scope of Istanbul private jet chartering service and its professional service crew, the inner comfort of the jet and the attentive communication established with clients are all shaped in accordance with your demands and requirements. In private jet chartering demands where service price is determined depending on the hourly flight charge, Plures offers the most streamlined, qualified and suitable service for its valuable clients.

Utilizing Istanbul private jet chartering services, the only thing you need to do is going to be enjoying your exclusive flight.

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