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Suitable for different client groups, with our Bodrum private jet aircraft chartering service we ensure a safe transportation for our passengers.

Organizing flight plans in advance, our company minimizes the general problems which are experienced before, during or after flight. This way, we prevent our passengers being distressed by any possible trouble including natural conditions such as weather. We painstakingly sustain the maintenance and control periods of our aircrafts and vehicles regarding their safety without any exception preventing any possible problems beforehand.

Different from usual flight services, the Bodrum private jet chartering service offers an easier transportation network within the frame of a more flexible and simple management. Concordantly, service aircrafts include options such as VIP lounge services, shorter and simpler boarding, showers, seminar rooms, which distinguishes the service from other flights.

24/7 Bodrum Private Jet Chartering Service

Due to that intensive and paralyzing dynamism of city life which has nearly become a part of our lives we are either late to our destinations or try to find a way to postpone them. As a company offering Bodrum private jet chartering services we bring the opportunity of a proper transportation to the doorsteps of our clients. In addition, we are aware of the fact that time management and dominating time are quite important factors for our customers. In fact, one of the most important reasons of their chartering a private jet is the demand of a timely and comfortable transportation to their destinations. Knowing the basic demand of the client is crucial for providing this service. For lack of this information, the service mires down and loses its functionality. For this reason, while searching a suitable service provider for their selves in transportation industry, clients must primarily be careful of the performance and the capacity of the companies. Otherwise, both the customer and the service provider company might experience a fall down.

In case you demand our special Bodrum private jet chartering service; taking the market conditions into consideration we, as Plures are proud to offer you the best prices.

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Bodrum General Overview

A district of Muğla, Bodrum has a population of almost 153 thousand people. Bodrum which Homeros describes as the land of blue, is a peninsula emerging from the unity of the east and west coasts; with its high castle, pure white houses aligned on its shores, narrow streets and navy yards a famous tourism center. One of the most important specialties of Bodrum is that Bodrum Milas Airport is located within the borders of the district. Only 36 kilometers away from the center, the airport has decreased the distance between Istanbul-Bodrum to a 1-hour transient flight. Making daily trips to Bodrum possible, the airport provides a great comfort to local and foreign tourists in this respect. In addition, Aalborg, Pleven and Haskovo are the sister cities of Bodrum.

Short History

One of the most famous ancient cities, Bodrum (Halicarnassus) is considered to be established in 11th century BC. Conquered by Alexander the Great in 334 and despite being given to St. Jean knights in 1402, the city was added to Ottoman lands in 1523 by Suleiman the Magnificent.


Being a synthesis of Aegean and Mediterranean climates, the summers of Bodrum are hot and dry. Average air temperature in summer is around 30 degrees. Winters in Bodrum on the other hand are spent warm and rainy where air temperature remains around 15 degrees.

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Traditional Cuisine

Çökertme Kebabı: Served with yogurt and red meat on french fries, this meal is a famous taste unique to Bodrum.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms (Kabak Çiçeği Dolması): Squash blossoms are collected and then stuffed in the early hours of the morning as soon as they blossom, this interesting and as much delicious food is another traditional taste unique to Bodrum.

Mastard Greens Salad: (Hardal Otu Salatası): Often served as a mezze, Mustard Greens Salad is prepared by blending boiled mustard greens with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

In addition, sea food and especially fish soups prepared from scorpion fish, gurnard and octopus and salads made from smaller fishes are some of the must-try tastes of Bodrum.

Tourism, Culture and Art

Bodrum Castle: The castle was used for various reasons by the Turks. In 17th century peasants have built many houses in the castle. In Greek rebellion in 1824, Turks used this place and the town as a military base.

In 19th century, Turkish constructors have built a public bath here and later they have turned it into a mosque by adding a minaret to it. In 1895 the castle was strengthened and used as a prison. During the First World War, a battleship bombarded the Castle destroying most of its towers and taking down its minaret.

Following the war, Italians who occupied Anatolian coasts from Kuşadası to Antalya, have located a garrison into to Castle. They have also restored the Italian and the French towers trying to establish good relations with Turks.

Bodrum Mausoleum: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Mausoleum was started to be constructed during the time of the Karia Satrap (approx. 355 BC.) following his death, his sister and wife Artemissa continued the construction.

The monument is a giant mausoleum adorned by36 columns in Ionian order and a 21 stepped pyramid; 46 m in height with a triumphal quadriga on top of it. Reaching up to 13th century the ancient mausoleum was first destroyed by an earthquake and later its pieces were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle.

In addition, numerous relieves and statues found in this mausoleum was stolen by the English Archaeologist C. Newton and taken to British Museum. For this reason, most of the monuments belonging to this mausoleum are exhibited in British Museum and only very few in Bodrum. Bodrum Ancient Theater: It is one of the important remnants of the Hellenic period which has reached our day. It has a capacity of 13.000 people consisting of 3 main sections. These are the Arena, Orchestra and the House. The building is a rectangular construction with an entrance door for actors at both ends.

Underwater Archeology Museum: It is an important center for the discovered as well as waiting to be discovered underwater life and crystal clear sea of Bodrum. Located within the Bodrum Castle, the museum was opened in 1964. The most interesting monument in the very first and the only underwater museum in the world as well as in Turkey is the section where three sunken-ships are displayed.

Myndos Gate: One of the entrance gates of the city of Halicarnassus on the west side of Bodrum, Bodrum Myndos Gate is another one of the important historical monuments in Bodrum. Restored lately, Bodrum Myndos Gate was established in 4th century BC. Bodrum Myndos Gate is the establishment which is in the best condition among the 7 kilometers long remnants of the period.

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