Private Healthcare in Turkey


Istanbul / Turkey is one of the most respected countries in private health sector. Turkish hospitals are fully-equipped with streamlined technologies. The healthcare personnel in the country, on the other hand are educated in the medical departments of worldly acclaimed Turkish universities such as ─░stanbul and Hacettepe Universities. Our company adopts supporting its clients in every step as a principle. The VIP service our company offers covers all the phases of your Turkey travel such as aircraft, hotel, hospital as well as airport transfers. Our company is at your side in every second you spend in Turkey.

Turkey becomes a giant medical center every other day. Another advantage the country provides in this respect is its highly qualified, reliable medical services at significantly lower costs. Such that, this rate time to time reaches up to 60% cheaper medical services when compared to European countries. The number of international tourists preferring to buy medical services in Turkey have reached 480.000 in 2013. In addition to their advanced medical services, the natural and historical beauties of the highly-developed Turkish cities stand as another appealing factor for those individuals who visit Turkey for medical purposes.


Why Plures?

Continuing to expand its operations in transportation and tourism sectors, our company maintains providing its valuable clients the most distinguished services with a peculiar service manner that never compromises quality. Always aiming at customer satisfaction in the first place, Plures has become a widely acclaimed company in both transportation and aviation industries with its chartering and transfer services for over 10 years. Thanks to its qualified and distinguished services, it has become an irreplaceable address for its clients. Plures is one of the leading companies which come to mind when private aircraft charters, group aircraft charters, jet charters, cargo aircrafts and air ambulances are mentioned. Our company continues to thrive in brand new sectors making use of its over 10 years of experience in above mentioned fields. Starting to provide its clients transfer and consultancy services in the field of tourism, our company brings forward irresistible offers with its accessible team in Istanbul, prompt replies, first class mentality and professional operation style.

Plures offers a ranking experience for clients who demand private medical services in Istanbul / Turkey. As in every field we operate, we claim in this field also: We are YOU! We are aware of the importance of health.

Our company provides services in all phases of your medical travels such as aircraft, vehicle, hotel and hospital. In addition, our company offers this service across whole Istanbul / Turkey. Combining long years' experience in aviation field with innovation, Plures has taken an action in the field of private medical services. Aiming at providing its clients the optimal services, Plures offers demanded transportation vehicles in addition to guiding its clients on best hotel and hospital choices. Our company supports you in every phase of your travel. Throughout this process, your only respondent is Plures.


The Most Preferred Private Medical Services in Istanbul / Turkey

From heart to hair transplantations; Turkey offers successful medical operations in numerous fields. Mostly in large cities, there are many private hospitals and clinics in Istanbul / Turkey. Individuals who visit Turkey within the scope of medical tourism highly prefer these private hospitals.

For instance, the field which receives the greatest demand in Turkey medical tourism is the eye health. One out of 7 patients visits Turkey for ocular treatment. There are many health care providers in Turkey specialized particularly in eye health. These health care providers attract attention with their advanced technologies. In addition, these hospitals are also significantly well-known institutions worldwide. Our company aims at providing its clients optimal health care services in reliable, world class hospitals.

Another popular field in Turkey medical tourism is hair transplantation. Although, hair transplantation is offered in many countries, Turkey has managed to outscore many countries welcoming serious numbers of international tourists in this field. Individuals who prefer Turkey for hair transplantations mostly come from countries such as Germany, France, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Portuguese, Britain and Russia. Private Turkish clinics and hospitals offer streamlined services tracking up-to-date technologies.

Last but not least, plastic surgeries are also among the highly preferred medical services regarding Turkey medical tourism. There is a serious investment in this sector for the development of the cosmetic treatments. The combination of qualified and specialized personnel, advanced technology and affordable costs are the factors which makes Istanbul / Turkey the world's most favorite in the field of cosmetic surgeries. For instance, Turkey provides cosmetic dentistry in European and USA standards with the advantage of 50% lower prices.


The Motives of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is defined not only within the frame of medical services, but also with the accommodation and travel processes as a whole. The main reasons of medical tourism can be listed as the lack of adequate technological equipment and professional crew in patient's own country, the demand of leisure travel together with health treatments and the high cost of the medical services in patient's own country. Other factors may include the demand of a more qualified service and medical confidentiality reasons.

We Always Support Our Clients

Our company is aware of Turkey's potential in medical tourism sector. Combining this potential together with its qualified service manner, Plures aims at offering you optimal heath care services. Plures Aviation is an expert in its field thus as a first step it supports and helps international patients to receive medical services in Istanbul / Turkey. We answer the aircraft demands of our clients. Later, we support them with our transfer vehicles. The VIP automobiles or minibuses of your choice are put at your disposal with their private chauffeurs. Plures provides your hotel, hospital and airport transfers whenever you need.

In case you wish a single respondent for all your demands, Plures offers its help in hospital and hotel choice as well. Providing reliable local hospital and hotel consultancy, Plures will be your only respondent throughout all the phases of your medical travel in accordance with your demands. Plures accompanies you in all steps of your private medical visit in Turkey. Our company operates as a single payment point. The mentioned Plures services are valid across whole Turkey with the same standards.

As Plures, we are aware of the importance of private medical services for our clients. For this reason, we give the same importance to providing our clients high quality and optimal services. We offer our clients high quality, reliable and convenient Istanbul / Turkey private health care services.

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