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Turkey aircraft chartering services offer you the advantage of having a private plane of your own.

What is Aircraft Chartering?

Turkey based or international aircraft charters are a way offered for simplifying your life. The service is grounded on you enjoying your flight without being absorbed in delays or similar other problems generally encountered in scheduled flights. More importantly, the service eliminates all your worries regarding your flight by directly heading to your destination point.

In addition to two different airports in Istanbul, Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk; our Turkey-Istanbul based company is also capable of providing services from any airport around the world. Providing you comfort and practicality from the beginning of your journey, Plures does anything to help you avoid the crowd and the rumble of the city. Offering you high quality transport and freight services from Istanbul to anywhere around Turkey or even the world, private aircraft charters aim to provide you services more than you expect with myriad alternatives.

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Plures conducts aircraft chartering operations in numerous different fields of Turkish aviation industry for different commercial or individual needs.

Private Air Taxi Turkey

Enabling safer and faster inner or inter-city flights with air taxi charters, our company ensures its passengers spend a comfortable and pleasurable journey. Plures offers 24 hours and 7 days available Turkey air taxi chartering services and provides an enjoyable flight with a destination point shaped according to passenger demands. Air taxi is an airway service utilized generally for inner-city or short range inter-city flights as well as addressing emergency and urgent operations promptly. In this respect, looking out for customer preferences, our company becomes ready to take off in the shortest time allowing its passengers to reach their destination points promptly and safely.

Air Ambulance

Today, individuals do not need to be seriously injured or have a severe accident in order to benefit from private air ambulance transportation. Airway evacuations have also become a frequently preferred option for patients who need to be transported under the supervision of a doctor or for those patients who do not prefer long highway journeys. In addition, a private air ambulance must be procured without delay in situations such as when patient treatment is urgently required to be maintained in another city due to patient preferences or medical incompetencies, in injuries and accidents where delays create life threats, for patients with serious chronic illnesses as well as patients who need to be transported under supervision and in post-traumatic conditions when highway transportation creates a risk for the patient.

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Private Jet Chartering

Plures makes it possible for passengers to turn their airway travels into pleasure with Turkey private jet chartering services. Creating flawless organizations for entertainment, art, politics or sports events, Plures Air also offers professional services for your leisure family travels. Promptly answering the demands of its passengers in the safest way by combining the criteria of comfort, speed and safety, Plures allows its passengers to feel special with VIP privileges offered within the scope of Turkey private jet chartering service. Time flexibility and changeable hours on the other hand ensure a flawless transportation for Plures customers and increase their satisfaction.

Cargo Aircraft Chartering

Freight transportations conducted by airway companies are of a capital importance with respect to industrial and commercial benefits in addition to being crucial for urgent individual shipment demands. Besides completing shipment processes within the shortest time, cargo aircraft charters also offer the highest levels of safety during the shipment of products, machines, vehicles or any other material and deliveries compared to other alternative shipment methods. Within the scope of Turkey cargo aircraft chartering service, Plures Air allows its clients to benefit from prompt and safe transfer services. Offering services almost anywhere around the world by means of cargo aircrafts, Plures Air has achieved to bring a new perspective to shipment and delivery services with respect to customer faith.

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Private Aircraft Services for All of Your Needs

Private aircraft chartering services offer practical, prompt and privileged solutions with high quality services for any of your needs with charter options ranging from private aircrafts, jets, airliners for groups and freighters in addition to fully equipped air ambulances. Independent of your needs or the aviation services and other related private services you demand, the specialized, well-equipped and experienced crew of Plures Air works day and night in order to provide you the best service. Whatever are your individual, group or corporate needs, the simplest way to reach a service well above your expectations is to contact our company. Plures Air offers flexible, high quality and custom services in accordance with client needs and demands.

A Service Special for Those Who Value Every Second

The preference of those who live their lives to the fullest and cannot afford to waste even a second, Plures helps you keep up with the flying time of Istanbul, thanks to its privileged services. This special service which enables you to be in numerous different places instead of waiting in traffic, is also planned in a way to allow you to use your flying time efficiently for your personal needs, relaxation or having fun. Thanks to cargo aircraft chartering services, you can take your mind off your deliveries, be sure they are delivered to the right destination points on time and outscore your rivals with the extra time you gain. As for air ambulance charters; they offer a comfortable transportation for any of your health problems minimizing the technical stress related to the journey and maximizing the demanded time.

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