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We are continuing to provide privileged services to groups ( Istanbul ) and tour companies with our private passenger aircraft chartering services. Passenger aircrafts serve the purpose of transporting individuals and their baggage as well as cargo. These type of aircrafts have high capacities and high performances at the same time.

Passenger Aircraft Chartering Prices ( Istanbul )

Nowadays, passenger aircraft chartering service, which is a very powerful service for commercial aviation sector, is one of the most frequently used services for transportation. It saves a great amount of time when compared to highway transportation. Passenger aircrafts are highly preferred due to this reason. As a matter of fact, there are no great gaps between aircraft chartering service and highway transportation with respect to their prices. Our company offers you the best prices on the market in the shortest possible time by conducting special market research on various airway or charter companies depending on the capacity of the aircraft and your destination point. Aircraft chartering is one of the wisest choices for long as well as short distance travels because it allows you to travel to any point around the world in a fast and safe way.

Passenger aircrafts provide services that ease people's lives significantly. The mostly preferred means of transportation especially for business purposes or special tour organizations by traveling groups is the airway transportation. Based on this idea, our company provides services that simplifies your life.


Enjoy Your Private Flight

It is known that scheduled flights are full of details such as time wasting, long queues; safety and passport controls, uncomfortable seat order and undesired food service. Would not you want to fly in absence of these restrictions feeling yourself special? Just imagine you had all your time for yourself and the only thing you needed to do was to decide your flight date. Just let us know the dates, hours and the destinations of your flights. For more information, you may benefit from ( Istanbul ) our online request forms which will instantly help you or you may call us. Let us indicate that in case the aircraft of your choice is not available you will be notified instantly and any predetermined flight will never be canceled without your approval. Please keep in mind that you will be enjoying a flight which costs well below the hearsay, astronomic prices you have in mind when aircraft charters are mentioned. You should also take into consideration that you will never encounter an extra charge afterwards.

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Just like scheduled flights, the personal use of passenger aircrafts also increase day by day. Private aviation companies which offer services in this field as well as the incompetency of scheduled flight services are among the contributors of this increase. Individuals prefer private passenger aircrafts instead of scheduled flights which may not be able to meet passenger demands with respect to comfort and private services as well as flight number, date and destinations. Plures Air ( Istanbul ) successfully organizes private passenger aircraft chartering services which play an important role in flights of sports, cultural or diplomatic events such as organizations, meetings of groups, companies or foundations providing a flawless flight experience with private and special services for all passengers.

In addition to private aircraft, jet and air ambulance charters, our company also offers organ transportation services. Expanding its service network every other day with its professional crew and being one of the fastest growing aviation companies of the industry, Plures offers economic solutions with its empty-leg options as well.

Thanks to its professional approach which aims perfection at every turn of its services, our company increases its service quality and provides consistency to its customers in private passenger aircraft charters with respect to customer satisfaction and flight services.

Ready to serve you with its multilingual customer representatives for 24 hours and 7 days and aiming to provide you the fastest solution for all your demands, Plures ( Istanbul ) distinguishes itself in passenger aircraft chartering services and leads its field.

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