Organ Transplant


Turkey organ transportation is the process where organ or the tissue taken from a donor is brought in a very protective way without deterioration to the hospital where the recipient is. Following the organ supply, the most crucial part of the transplantation is logistics. In order for the organ taken from a donor not to lose its function; the transportation process must be conducted and transplantation must be completed as fast as possible. Time is the most determining factor during organ transplants.

After taken out from a donor, different organs have different times of degeneration. For instance, the mostly transplanted organs in Turkey; heart, kidney and liver are considered suitable for transplantation within following hours respectively 4, 18 and 11. The data is enough to explain how important is the speed during organ transportations.

Why Speed is So Important for Organ Transportation?

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Plures Air carries the responsibility it has taken in the most serious way. It has allocated the fastest aircrafts of its fleet, jet air ambulances for the illimitable transportation of organ and tissues which are going to offer a new life to its customers. Within Plures aircrafts, all the medical equipment necessary for an emergency intervention is at disposal of the professional personnel in case need arises during the transportation.


Following the removal of the organ from the donor, the determination of a suitable recipient, the preservation and the transportation of the organ require a very serious and coordinated work. Acclaimed by the successful services it has provided to its customers for years in this field, Plures Air simultaneously collaborates with all coordination centers. Plures takes on the responsibility of the procedures waiting for its clients in this challenging period and thanks to its professional crew it painstakingly completes each and every preparation and organization required before/after organ transportation.

Owing to the successful transplant operations being performed in Turkey every other day, a significant demand increase has been observed in abroad organ transportation. Following the successful operations it has conducted in abroad, Plures has become the most credible address that comes to mind for logistics in this field. In accordance with the changing demands, transplant transportations can be conducted from/to Turkey as well as between two different countries.

Organ transportation must be conducted without giving place to mistakes or neglect at any phase. It should be known that a small delay might cause the whole operation to be terminated. Your greatest supporter reconnecting you with life, Plures is at your disposal for Turkey organ transportation with its competent personnel and over ten years of professional experience.

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