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We are honored to present you another Plures exclusive; Istanbul minibus rental service. In accordance with the responsibilities of our day and the industry, Plures grows its service network every other day without ever compromising quality. Our company adopts serving its clients with this awareness as a principle.

A crew which actively operates for years in the sector, a service concept primarily grounded on customer satisfaction and a dynamic, genial and experienced company spirit; Plures is a giant and ever-growing organization. Within the scope of minibus rental services, Plures presents its clients a capacity which provides vehicle and minibuses to any point across Istanbul thanks to its powerful partner network and large fleet.

Istanbul VIP Minibus Rental

Most of the time we need couple of cars to reach a destination as crowded groups. However, these cars might fall short on providing the comfort necessary in crowded group transportations. We want to make a stress-free travel in a mega city like Istanbul which is almost identified with its famous traffic. Besides causing trouble loading baggage, the small space provided by this type of cars is particularly dangerous for passengers traveling as a large group. Sometimes overloaded baggage can be placed within the car near the passengers blocking the sight of the driver. Other times passengers are jammed in those cars for opening up space for another passenger. In addition, since crowded groups will required more than s single car rental, the idea does not seem that brilliant with respect to its costs.

Minibuses are the first solution which comes to mind when airport greetings or transfers, Istanbul tours, fairs or business organizations are mentioned. On the other hand, benefiting from minibus rentals you may plan a nature trip around Istanbul or simplify your transportation to large organizations in this way. As Plures, we are at your disposal with our professional team and years' experience.

The Economic Choice

Minibus rental service is preferred for being a more economic choice particularly for crowded groups. Thus, you may contribute to your budget by benefiting from VIP minibus rental service instead of using couple of cabs. Thanks to convenient Plures vehicles, you may comfortably travel and escape from the trouble of Istanbul traffic easily.

All the best of their segments, miscelaneous VIP minibus vehicle fleets of our company will entertain you or your guests in the best way with Plures comfort. As one of the leading companies of the sector, with our vehicle fleets we provide the best options and the most suitable solutions to any customer demand for the most economic prices.

Plures Difference

Thanks to the innovative and perfectionist policy of our company, the number of our happy customers increases day by day. The primary reason for individuals or corporate organizations to prefer Plures twice is its "Flawless Service" concept and the alliance of comfort with years' experience.

Within the scope of minibus rental services our primary aim is the procurement of suitable and economic vehicles in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Striving for your comfort, our team will provide you convenience at every phase of your Plures experience.

You may rent one of our brand new minibuses where comfort and elegance meets high technology for turning your rides into joy.

One of the pioneers of vehicle rental sector, our company answers your minibus and VIP minibus demands in a qualified and reliable way. Offering a wide selection of streamlined and qualified vehicles in its fleet for Istanbul minibus rental service, our company successfully serves you to/from any point in Istanbul with comfortable and reliable transportation services. Preferred by the demand of our customers due to increasing traveling passenger capacity and providing more convenience, our minibus and VIP minibuses generally put to service for inner-city or long journeys.

Short or long; all Plures transportation options ensure a reliable service regarding time. We are prompt, we are punctual; We are Plures. Plures maintains being a reliable company of its industry with Istanbul minibus rental services.

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