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Istanbul / Turkey ground handling services is one of the qualified service networks of Plures, and it constitutes one of the corporate improvement approach principles of Plures Company at the same time. Being one of most prestigious companies in transportation sector with a significant experience, Plures sustains providing solutions and services for the sectoral demands. In this respect, Plures preserves being the distinguished and the qualified company of its industry with Istanbul / Turkey ground handling services as well.

Ground handling covers all the services provided to airlines at airports; such as representation, traffic, flight operations, ramp, passenger stairs for aircrafts, baggage handling, air cargo handling and aircraft maintenance. Generally airlines buy all their above mentioned service needs from ground handling companies under an agreement.

Ever Improving and Always Renewing Itself; Plures

Within the scope of Plures ground handling services, our company offers check-in, ID and passport control; baggage and weight control, passenger stairs and boarding, air cargo handling, interior aircraft cleaning services as well as completion of all the paperwork required for fueling. Our company provides services with educated personnel and custom production equipments in accordance with the industrial demands. Operating within a cultivated, skillful and technically advanced organization, Plures sustains providing services as one of the most successful models of its industry. Plures is proud and happy to offer you a work of dedication and pleasure; Turkey ground handling services.

A ground handling company is another airport service provider in addition to airlines.

Local and foreign airlines generally outsource the equipment and the work force demand of their aircrafts to ground handling companies. Due to aircraft service equipments (motorized and non-motorized vehicles) being custom production, cost-wise airlines usually prefer to buy all these services from a single company at their destination and departure points. Therefore airlines arrange special agreements with ground handling companies for conducting their flights.

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What Do Ground Handling Companies Do?

Ground handling offers airlines services such as check-in, aircraft coordination, luggage handling, cargo loading-offloading, aircraft cleaning and Turkey agency within the frame of agreements.

Ground Handling is divided into different service departments according to the content of the service it provides.

Passenger Services Department: This department handles check-in and controls the IDs, passports and flight documents of boarding passengers after they buy their tickets. In addition, the department helps incoming passengers in case of baggage losses.

Load Control, Communication and Flight Operations Department: This department makes the necessary calculations for ensuring a balanced and safe flight by checking the passenger weight of the aircraft as well as baggage piece and kg weight and facilitates all the coordination of the aircraft.

Ramp Department: This department provides passenger stairs and all the necessary motorized vehicles on the apron at aircraft arrival and departures. In addition, the department is also responsible for baggage loading and offloading as well as aircraft cleaning.

Cargo Department: This department is responsible for completing the necessary paperwork which allows freighters and airlines to carry cargo, and loading cargo to aircrafts.

General Aviation Department: The department providing VIP/CIP services to private aircrafts.

Every ground handling service personnel is required to be trained according to his/her department. These training programs are provided by the ground handling companies. In addition, the company providing ground handling services should also have a valid license approved by the local board of civil aviation. The utilized vehicles and equipments in the service are very expensive and custom-made for aviation. Working in ground handling services is a very pleasurable experience, on the other hand it also requires as much dedication.

In case you demand ground handling services in all the airports across Istanbul / Turkey, please contact our company.

Passenger Services

Airway transportation includes numerous departments which help you travel along. One of these departments is the Passenger Services Department which handles check-in processes after you buy your flight tickets. Passenger Services Department staff issues your boarding card which also includes your seat number and guides you till you are happily seated in your aircraft.

Let us help you realize how Passenger Services Department helps you within the scope of its duty along your travel. When you arrive at the airport after buying your ticket, your check-in process is handled at the check-in counters relevant to your flight. Although these processes seem like simple and short routines of traveling to you, they are actualized and brought to your service under numerous regulations which are determined for your safety. The boarding card you get is actually the first phase of a major operational process.

Aviation is a structure established on a sequence of regulations. During the check-in process Passenger Services Department staff actualizes the incoming passenger acceptance by analyzing numerous data including all the ID and passport information of traveling passengers. Every aviation personnel is trained about passenger safety before they start their duty. Every employee is primarily responsible for ensuring passenger safety within the frame of his/her department.

But how the personnel responsible only for providing boarding cards can ensure this safety?

Starting from the eye-contact made while welcoming passengers at the check-in counters to the body language and communication of the individual; Passenger Services Department staff constantly analyzes the passenger throughout the check-in process, which allows the personnel to figure out whether the passenger is suitable for the flight. The staff is also responsible for controlling the ID information of incoming passengers and passport information of outgoing passengers and making sure the right passengers are on the right aircrafts. The personnel also checks if any of the passengers has a health condition restraining his/her flight. In case the passenger is able to attend the flight, the department staff proceeds to complete the check-in process.


The operational duties of Passenger Services Department staff on the other hand includes determining passenger distribution; identifying how many male, female, child and infant passengers are on the plane in addition to deducting the piece number and weight of the baggage to be loaded on the aircraft. This way, the calculation data which ensures a safe flight for the aircraft, is created.

Passenger Services Department staff is responsible for providing all the humanely possible help for the passengers they are assigned to regarding the fair and safe travel of the passengers.

Why is flight safety is so important? Aircrafts and airports are strategic points where maximum safety level is a must. Airports and aircrafts have the capacity of making a tremendous impression worldwide, therefore regarding terror or other similar actions, maximum level of safety in every sense is the primary rule. Besides, with respect to number of passengers and costs of the service a potential accident would cause great losses therefore strict rules are necessary for ensuring flight safety both for the passengers and the aircraft.

Apart from these services, Passenger Services Department is also responsible for instructing and guiding passengers for boarding. Following their check-in, passengers are guided to related gates (aircrafts); domestic passengers passing through security points, and international passengers passing through passport control.

Boarding gates allow passengers to pass on their aircraft when it is ready. In this section, staff accepts passengers to the aircraft by tearing their boarding cards.

After concluding the check-in processes of all passengers, Passenger Service Department prepares the passenger list of the flight and forwards it to the Flight Operations Department. Thus prepared is the passenger list of the aircraft, which is called the manifest.

During this process, the baggage which is admitted to the baggage claim area, reaches the point called belt conveyor and sent to the aircraft by tractors. The baggage piece number forwarded by Passenger Services staff, is then matched up with the number of baggage pieces counted under the aircraft and recorded in order to ensure all baggage belonging to the passengers are loaded to the aircraft. In large airports, passenger baggage is particularly inspected by an additional large-scale x-ray machine during the phase of reaching the belt conveyor. In case of any flight safety infringement detection here, the related baggage is taken out by security staff. Here, Passenger Services Department staff again, provides help for calling the related passenger and removing the hazardous material from the baggage.

After all the ground handling services of the aircraft such as cleaning, refueling, catering etc. are completed, the flight dispatcher within the aircraft starts boarding services for passengers. This service covers the one by one tearing of the boarding cards of the passengers who checked-in and welcoming them aboard. In conclusion of this process, Passenger Services staff counts the boarding cards they have torn and checks whether the number matches up with the number of passengers who have checked-in. In case there is a missing passenger aboard, the name of the related passenger is announced to make sure he/she gets aboard. On the other hand, when the related passenger is unavailable, the staff checks whether his/her baggage is loaded on the aircraft from the passenger list that they have created and if so, they ensure the baggage is also offloaded from the aircraft.

Owing to the fact that travel of unattended baggage is forbidden, the aircraft cannot take off without offloading the related baggage first. Passenger Services Department takes on a great responsibility in this respect. Passenger Services Department closes the doors of the aircraft after ensuring all the passengers have boarded the plane and notifies the flight dispatcher in the aircraft of being ready for departure. Following the closing of the doors, Passenger Services informs the receiving channel about the passengers who are in special condition and demand help for the passengers at their destination airports. The aim here is to make sure the passengers who need help, receive the same service they get here at their destination points as well.

It is probably a great chance to fly knowing there are very important regulations behind the services which seem very simple to us during our travels. And it is also a distinguished privilege to comply with these regulations for a happier travel and be aware of the fact that you are the creator of the quality of the service you receive. Plures wishes you an exclusive and happy flight.

Simplifying your work and minimizing your expenses, Plures Air offers streamlined Turkey ground handling services with high precision and great dedication. Contact our company for Turkey ground handling services in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, ─░zmir and across whole Turkey.

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