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Our company also offers services in Istanbul General Aviation Terminal.

When general aviation is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind can be the general meaning of aviation. Contrary to this idea, the concept refers to jet-type, small body aircrafts that are private or chartered and have less passenger capacity when compared to airliners. The aviation sector calls this type of aircrafts as private aircrafts. Generally defined as business jets around the world, the concept not only uses low passenger capacity planes, but also large body airliners modifying their inner designs.

Istanbul General Aviation Terminal and PLATINUM SERVICE

Mostly utilized by businessmen, these types of flight operations are realized from the General Aviation Terminals of large scale airports such as Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Due to these flight operations having a private passenger profile, the services provided to these aircrafts are realized as Platinum services.

What's Different?

General aviation terminals are extremely luxurious terminals which are located within the domestic and international sectors of airports, and prepared with the lounge concept. Serving its passengers elaborately prepared treats, the lounge section offers a luxurious sitting area designed for the rest of the passengers before their flights.

The passengers are met by the greeting personnel who also handles their baggage before entering the terminal. Next, the platinum service staff welcomes the passengers and handles passport and ID controls in line with the travel without keeping them.

Private aircrafts are generally owned by important businessmen in Turkey and around the world, however in many occasions these aircrafts can also be chartered for easier utilization. The flight program is created by obtaining the necessary permissions for the demanded flight hours of the passengers. In addition, since simultaneous changes can be made on this flight program due to passenger demand or delays, private aircrafts offer passengers great comfort and privileges.

Those passengers who travel with private aircrafts always receive a different service. Preferred by people who race with time and having a greatly luxurious profile allows the service to be provided on an accordingly distinguished level.

As we have mentioned above, time to time barons modify the inner designs of large body aircrafts such as Airbus and Boeing, for their long range flight demands. Such that the aircraft is designed with bedrooms, closets, showers, meeting rooms and private seats; to provide the passenger a comfortable and luxurious flight experience.

Istanbul General Aviation Terminal allows private jets, private large body aircrafts, helicopters, hydroplanes and air ambulances make flight operations.

All these operations we have mentioned above are managed within the scope of platinum services. The main purpose of platinum services is to offer the passengers a high quality, privileged service and provide boarding services without keeping them waiting. In all airports, independent of the availability of terminals, passengers are welcomed at the airport gates and all the necessary flight procedures are completed by the assigned personnel ensuring the utmost comfort for the passenger.

In private flight operations, the passenger does not own any tickets. The pilots are provided with the preliminary information about their traveling passengers. Completing all the necessary preparations an hour before the passengers' arrival at the airport, related personnel welcomes the passengers when they arrive at the terminal and subsequently proceeds to following procedures. The aircraft departure hours are determined in accordance with passenger demands. The flight plan of the passenger is prepared by the authorized company, which can be revised and changed in cases of passenger delays. There is no schedule or an obligatory departure hour in private flights. Yet, in private aircraft charters changes might only apply in cases of having another passenger appointment in line.

Businessmen who own a large private aircraft fleet, sometimes also utilize their helicopters for flying to locations where airliners cannot land or their hydroplanes for reaching their yachts on the sea in a prompt and easy way. For realizing all of these operations of course, they use platinum services.

Private aircraft operations can be as large-scaled as the scheduled passenger flights as well. On the other hand the operations conducted at Istanbul General Aviation Terminal have a distinguished functional structure offering peculiar privileges.

The privileged services offered to businessmen within the scope of Istanbul General Aviation operations are also provided to air ambulances with the same vigilance. Patients traveling to/from Turkey are also welcomed at the terminal/aircraft gate in the same way. The passport and ID controls of private air ambulance passengers are promptly handled without keeping them wait and they are welcomed aboard subsequently. The policemen handles passenger controls by the plane and completes passenger services. Air ambulances are equipped with special apparatus allowing bedded patients get aboard conveniently. This special mechanism has metal legs which can reach out of the aircraft. Thanks to its slide-ways the patient can be located in the aircraft in a safe way without disturbance. The flight crew always includes a doctor and a nurse, in addition to the aircraft being fully-equipped with extensive and movable medical devices. Air ambulance operations are possibly one of the most important and painstaking operations in aviation.

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