Corlu Airport Private Transfer


Our company offers transfer services giving its clients a lift from Corlu Airport to İstanbul city center.

Providing you airport transfer services with its corporate experience, our company allows you to reach specific addresses, your hotel or any desired destination in your leisure or business travels.

Thanks to its Corlu Airport transfer service, our company takes you directly to your desired location on an independent and flexible route in the fastest and the most comfortable way for the best prices. You may individually or corporately benefit from our transfers services which are realized with vehicles completely private to you.

The principles we adopt in our transfer services provide you the highest levels of comfort with ultimate precision. We meet & greet you at Corlu Airport with our luxury vehicles and private chauffeur. Plures offers you a large selection of streamlined automobiles and minibuses for your varying needs. After welcoming you at Corlu Airport we accompany you to your hotel in Istanbul.

Our company offers a wide selection of luxury cars in its vehicle fleet aiming at your comfort. In addition, you may also attend the Istanbul tour we have organized for you after your transfer to Istanbul from Corlu Airport, if you wish. The tour which covers Istanbul's the most popular touristic places, is conducted with the same vehicle and private chauffeur of your transfer. We wanted our clients to explore this magical city with our private tour without compromising their comfort. Let's check out the most beautiful spots of Istanbul together.

The Favorite Locations of Istanbul

Taksim Square

A district of Beyoğlu, Taksim is a global square welcoming thousands of people everyday. The place is also a great living space with the hundreds of stores, restaurants and entertainment venues visited by people from all around the world.


History greets you in every step you take in Sultanahmet. Residing face to face, Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque compete in magnificence. The Obelisk of Theodosius (TR: Dikilitaş) in the region belongs to the civilization of ancient Egypt whereas the Serpent Column is a remnant of the civilization of ancient Greece. Behind these two great monuments from two great civilizations which once led the history, is the Walled Obelisk. Hard to put to words, Sultanahmet cannot be told but only experienced with numerous points that take you to a fantasy-like time travel.


Bosporus is the common name of both of the shores of Istanbul. The natural and historical beauties of Istanbul create a splendid synthesis by coming together. Bosporus catches the eye with its two magnificent bridges the Bosporus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet; its nostalgic and glamorous streets such as Ortaköy and Bebek; its Anatolian and Rumelian fortresses; gorgeous Yalıs and more. Hosting two different continents at the same time, Bosporus is one of the most important pieces of Istanbul.

We strive to provide the optimal service to those who prefer our transfer services from Corlu Airport to Istanbul. Particularly chosen, luxury vehicle fleet; cultivated private chauffeurs and with private Istanbul tours that are offered on your demand, we have carefully arranged a service that is special in its every step.

Qualified and Reliable Plures Transfer Services

ur company has created a distinguished service concept in airport transfer services with a genial crew that has reliable driving skills and dedication. Keeping customer satisfaction on the highest possible level, Plures succeeds at being the most reliable friend of its passengers and confidently maintains this friendship together with its business partnerships within the frames of bona fide needs rule and the highest level of quality. With its extensive vehicle fleet and experienced personnel, our company adopts the principle of providing affortable services to its clients under the principles of quality, reliability and honesty in tourism and transportation industry.

Offering high quality and first class services in line with customer demands, Plures proves itself to be a reliable company thriving with confident steps by conveying world class services to Corlu, one of the most largest 5 districts of Turkey, which hosts the only airfield connecting Thrace to Anatolia.

Realize your plans reliably with your mind at peace; benefit from Plures Corlu Airport transfer services for the best prices.

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