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Having set out to create a Turkey - based world brand, Plures is an Istanbul - based company which delivers your cargo to any country around the world with an expert team and technologically advanced, streamlined fleet. Always making a move forward and always aiming the best, our company offers you a qualified service with its world giant partners and customer-oriented policies for the best prices. Plures has long proved itself to be a credible company in its industry providing worldly acclaimed, exclusive services to its clients.

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Corporate Private Cargo Aircraft Chartering Services

With a service concept aware of the responsibilities of being a respectable and leading entity, Plures sustains adding value to its sector by being a company which provides 24 hours and 7 days available service as a result of its disciplined and dedicated work. Always focusing on customer satisfaction, our company offers cargo aircraft charters in order to be able to support and serve its valuable clients extensively and answer their urgent demands promptly. Never compromising Plures quality and owning a prominent prestige in cargo aircraft charters, our services are at your disposal whenever you like.

Providing you the logistic support you need, Plures offers alternate transportation options independent of the content of your deliveries. Plures services are a result of a long industrial journey which consists of valuable experiences and an advanced infrastructure. With over 10 years of field experience, our company continues to take firmer steps forward on its way.

The acclaimed air cargo brand of Turkey, our company takes delivering your domestic and international cargo in a fast and safe way as a principle. Valuing you, Plures adopts the same perspective for your deliveries and regenerates itself in line with your needs. An ever-growing, international company in air transportation, Plures keeps the leading position in the industry aware of moving forward and for better being the key to success.

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Your Cargo Aircraft is Ready!

Our company is at your disposal for your unique and private deliveries. Providing services worldwide, Plures offers private services for your private deliveries.

Heavy and Large Cargo: Rather than partial deliveries, you may now transport all your cargo at once disregarding the time loss and all your worries.

Humanitarian Cargo: Our cargo aircraft chartering service will succor you in times of international disasters.

Sensitive and Private Deliveries: Your fresh and/or perishable products will be safer with air cargo services. Witnessing the perishing possibilities of financial losses instead of your goods will prove you the privileges of our service.

Urgent Deliveries: When you need to make an urgent delivery, it is more than enough for you to contact us. Fast and professional Plures staff will promptly provide you the details regarding your destination.

Transportation of Hazardous Materials: The deliveries which contain hazardous materials such as radioactive substances, are transported separately and vigilantly, away from usual traffic.

Delivery of Fragile Materials: It is necessary to take the possibility of fragile materials getting damaged in harbors or customs zones into consideration. However, it is better if you know that the most reliable solution is the safe transportation services offered by our cargo aircrafts.


Taking the existing airway or marine transportation into consideration, we target diminishing all the problems for you. In case the delivery of combustion turbine, power station parts, satellite, oil or the equipments of gas industry are demanded, we would like to indicate that the safest service for the delivery of these materials is cargo aircraft chartering service.

Not only limited to airway transportation services for passengers, our company is also at your service for your aircraft chartering demands regarding your cargo deliveries. Our company is a Turkey-based international service provider.

In cargo aircraft chartering services, there are factors to be careful about. Questions such as "Is the cargo one-way shipment?", "Is it a single-time delivery?" are quite important. In addition, the size of the cargo is another important factor. We offer 6.5 tone, 18 tone, 45 tone and 120 tone capacity aircrafts depending on the weight of the load. As for the destination of the flight, we provide Airbus 300, AN124, IL 76, AN 26, METRO III, AN 12 aircraft model selections for our clients. The reason of the importance of these factors is that by allocating its clients the most suitable aircraft depending on the content of the cargo to be transported, our company minimizes the costs and offers its clients more affordable price alternatives. Being attentive to the fragility of the cargo, Plures prevents possible damages. In addition, our company delivers your cargo under the supervision of specialized and licensed personnel depending on the type of the delivery. For instance, in deliveries of hazardous substances related field personnel makes sure all the necessary precautions are taken in order to realize the delivery. Apart from these, our company is also capable of providing the necessary conditions required by other types of cargo such as live animals, perishables and funerals. Taking the range of the destination into consideration, we maintain and protect what is important to you. In addition to load transportation, we also offer reliable transfer services for your documents and urgent papers.

Your Cargo Is in Safe Hands

The advantages of airway transportation in your Turkey-based international deliveries create great differences when compared to highway, railway or marine transportation. Primarily due to the fact that it is a safer way. In addition, the service indeed offers a significant gain regarding time. From the transportation of heavy tonnage vehicles to fragile materials, air freighting reduces the high cost cargo deliveries of highway transportation and offers more affordable prices to its clients. This way, individual or corporate customers save both money and time at once.

Why Plures in Turkey Cargo Aircraft Chartering Services?

From Europe to Asia and to the remotest places around the world, Plures has numerous transportation networks put at the disposal of its valuable clients. Independent of the content of the cargo transfers, we ensure their safe delivery at any cost. Our professional crew and reliable customer services are just a phone call away from you. We also support our clients in case of any possible customs problems encountered during Turkey / Istanbul cargo aircraft chartering services. For this reason, we continue our journey as an unrivaled company.

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