Car Hire With Driver in Turkey


Plures offers you a wonderful experience with its Turkey chauffeur driven car hire service. Providing services with cars one more comfortable and luxurious than the other, Plures always supports you in your transfer demands; airport, private tour, hotel or private transfer needs in Turkey. Our company succors you with its Turkey chauffer driven car hire services in your special days and nights or at your arrivals and departures from the airport.

In order for you to make the most out of this service, our company offers an extensive service network and a flawless service mentality. Proud to be at your disposal with extremely comfortable and qualified vehicles, Plures prioritizes your contentment and happiness the most. The most important goal of our company in its services is achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. Experience exclusive Plures service quality by preferring the leading transportation company of skies and ground. With our multi-lingual and experienced chauffeurs in addition to our streamlined, top model and luxurious vehicles, we offer our clients more than they expect.

Turkey Chauffer Driven Car Hire Service

With Plures, it is very easy to utilize one of the most efficient ways of transportation and enjoy flying in Turkey where tourism and economy is highly active. Our company offers flawless and customer-oriented before and after flight services for all kinds of organizations such as business trips, holiday events, meeting, fair and touristic travels.

One of the fields where Plures operates efficiently is the procurement of chauffer driven car hire services across Turkey. Whether an international or a domestic passenger; Plures realizes the from/to airport or from/to hotel transfers of its clients with years' experience in the sector.

We provide car hire services offering a car fleet consisting of dozens of different, acclaimed world brand models and streamlined, luxurious automobiles with neat, polite and diplomatist chauffeurs who are fluent in different languages. With Plures hospitality, we host you or your guests in the best way and do the best we can for making you feel comfortable and special in your private car. Our company offers the best solutions suitable for any taste and demand, with the best options and for the best prices.


A Professional Team, A Pleasurable Dream

You are welcomed to a comfortable ride that is accompanied by expert, genial and presentable chauffeurs in our first class, luxurious vehicles chosen in line with the number of your guests. We provide you the best and the most qualified service according to your preferences and the location of your incoming guests with luxurious or VIP class automobiles. Our company owns vehicles suitable for every demand and works with specially trained and licensed chauffeurs.

Putting all of its cars into your service with expert and experienced chauffeurs, our company has the infrastructure and the equipment for hosting any number of guests in the best possible way with its top model cars. With our practice and the years' experience, we provide our clients a trouble-free transportation organizing the demanded car fleets in a disciplined and flawless way for all kinds of different business meetings, organizations and congresses.

Safe and Qualified Service

Our company gives its clients and/or their guests the red carpet treatment with its Turkey chauffeur driven car hire services and does its best for making you feel at your own private car. Plures, as always offers its clients an extensive selection of vehicles that successfully operate within the sectors, addressing every taste and demand with a suitable solution. Regarding its car hire services, our company continues to offer its clients the best prices in addition to its successful solutions. Plures is and will always be at your side with the credible services it provides within the scope of its Turkey chauffeur driven car hire services.

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