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With its Turkey air taxi chartering services, Plures is one of the leading companies of the sector. Providing air taxi services with the most developed aircraft fleet located in critical regions of Turkey, Plures promises a qualified service to its clients. Today, Plures is a popular aviation company preferred by a wide range of people with the mission of providing first class services to its valuable passengers. Our company sustains answering the demands of business world while also meeting individual requests and serving you in both private and corporate ways.

With Turkey air taxi chartering services, Plures offers a distinguished alternative for those who attach time the necessary importance it deserves. Simplifying life, our company is at your disposal whenever and wherever you would like it to be. Carrying on the spirit of the brand with its experienced pilots and personnel, our company improves itself day by day by incorporating technology to its structure. This way, the service quality of Plures Air increases every other day.

Offering exclusive services for the demands of its customers, our company is the key to 24/7 high standardized traveling across Turkey. Our difference which emerges from the supplementation of exclusive private service mentality to the advantages of airway transportation, will cause you to forget all your previous traveling experiences.

air taxi charter Turkish

Taking the dead times when you waited at the airport out of your life and enabling you to spend your time on yourself is the greatest privilege we offer you as Plures.

We are at your disposal for 24 hours and 7 days both in Turkey and around the world. During your flight, you may enjoy the wonderful view, conduct private meetings with your partners, host your guests or relax with services peculiar to you.

Safe Service

Withing the scope of Turkey air taxi charters, Plures also offers air ambulance services providing health guarantee and on time medical evacuation opportunities. In addition to the importance Plures attaches to health, our company also creates different fields of utilization for air taxi services such as promotional purposes which include aerial photographs or film shooting as well as touristic tour flights. Besides, our company offers individual or corporate solutions in fields of cargo transportations and special days as well.

Plures is aware of the importance of time, confidentiality and safety for you. Hence with our professional crew and operation teams, we, as Plures family, are happy to offer solutions and services to you. Provided by Plures, Turkey air taxi chartering service caters to your needs thoroughly.

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