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For those racing against time, Istanbul air taxi chartering service offers a comfortable and safe alternative under Plures Air warranty. Getting you from wherever you are and taking you to your desired destination, Plures provides fast, qualified and credible services. Providing chartering services according to the demands of people from all strata, Plures offers its clients the advantages of traveling with a reliable corporation. Grounding on customer satisfaction, Plures brings exclusive services to your doorstep with a professional crew, powerful cooperations, flawless communication and best prices.


Live The Future

The disadvantages of highway transportation makes air transportation more convenient. The number of individuals who prefer air transportation increases day by day because of the speed and the comfort of the service. With the special solutions our Istanbul air taxi chartering service provides, air transportation now becomes even more convenient.

Taking a chance on our service which frequently plays an important role with its speed, safety and comfort in projects created for overcoming the problem of traffic in highway transportation, you can travel ahead of time. Offering a futuristic transportation to its customers today, our company promises a privileged travel experience with private and the highest standard services it provides.

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Enjoy Every Moment of Your Flight

Plures Istanbul flight services which are private for you spare you from the classical airport chores. Small airports are used for you to reach any region across Turkey. Besides minimizing the time spent in airports, the service also eliminates any kind of boring procedures such as baggage check in and baggage claim. Our private service prevents the problems of delays concerning your flight or baggage, cancellations, interchanges, loss of baggages and so on. Conscious of time being the uttermost important concept in life, Plures is here to make your losses a gain.

Let Your Dreams Come True

One of the leading aviation companies of Turkey, Plures makes your dreams come true with its service approach which is foregrounded on customer satisfaction. Answering aviation demands with its particular solutions for individuals as well as corporations, our company offers alternative options to its valuable clients.


In addition to businessmen, sports activities, medical transportation, urgent travel needs and corporate companies; Istanbul air taxis are also preferred by media and advertising sector. Thanks to peculiar solutions it offers, Plures is right at your side for your professional demands as well. You can trust our company for the particular needs of advertising, media and film industries with your mind at peace.

The Address of Safety in Istanbul; Air Taxi Charters

Aware of the importance of safety in airway transportation and foregrounding safety in its services, our company provides world standard services within the frame of the regulations set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Besides operating with a chief and a co-pilot who have minimum of 5000 hours of flight experience, in its Istanbul air taxi services, Plures also pays strict attention to the flight time limits of aircraft operation due to safety reasons. For experiencing the first class quality and privileges Plures Air offers to its clients contact us now.

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