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Our Turkey, Istanbul - based company offers 24/7 jet air ambulance services.

Our air ambulance chartering service which is readily at your disposal the moment you demand it independent of your location and the situation, wants the best for you. As you already know, at a moment of an accident most people lose their lives because they cannot get the necessary help on time. However, any institution or individual who benefits from a service such as air ambulance chartering would never complain about such a problem. Because helping the patient in a timely manner and without compromising his/her health is one of the crucial duties of the air ambulance chartering service. Particularly in recent times, these kinds of services have spread even more due to increasing traffic accidents in some parts of Turkey. In addition, there is an incompetent medical development in those parts of Turkey, which requires doctors to be transferred from another area for instant intervention. Highway transportation is not a solution here, therefore the only best choice left is air ambulance chartering service. Our ambulance aircrafts are readily available for 24 hours and 7 days with personnels capable of conducting patient evacuations.

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How Turkey Air Ambulance Service Charge is Determined?

The charge of air ambulance chartering service is calculated depending on the total distance the flight covers starting from the reach point to the destination point of the aircraft. In case the provided service is a medical service then the process is carried on in coordination with the medical institution. That has nothing to do with the flight charges.

What Kinds of Medical Devices are in a Private Air Ambulance?

The patient evacuation aircrafts utilized by our company have all the medical equipment that may be required during the flight. The regular controls of the devices are conducted by experienced teams and the result reports are recorded. 1 main stretcher bed, 1 combination stretcher chair, life-support unit, infusion pump, ECG monitor, medical ventilator, tool sets and medicines are kept readily available in the aircraft.

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Our Team

All flights of Plures are accompanied by experienced, professional personnels. The sensibility required for these flights which are crucial for human life, is guaranteed rather than granted in Plures Air services. Thanks to this awareness Plures Air offers its clients an always improving and responsible flight crew consisting of 1 chief pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 doctor and 1 health support personnel. An anesthesiologist may also be included depending on the condition of the transferred patient.

Jets and turboprops, the fastest and the most efficient aircrafts or our latest technology modern fleet which is the pride of our company, are allocated as air ambulances for private services. Faster than sound, the jets are the aircrafts which are capable of conducting faster flights in higher altitudes and longer destinations compared to turboprop aircrafts Turboprops which are the planes with propellers meeting high altitude and speed demand and having a more developed engine power, on the other hand are the mostly preferred aircrafts in patient evacuation transfers as well Plures Air never trusts luck. We are with you for 24/7 in health problems where every second has a golden value for transportation.

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Plures safely transports its patients to hospitals ensuring their any extensive prehospital emergency and critical care in medical evacuations, rescue operations or emergency transfer conditions as well as various trauma cases. Our company which you can contact for international inter-hospital patient transfers or intercity hospital patient transfers with your mind at peace offers you the fastest and the safest transportation opportunity across Turkey and around the world for air ambulance services valuing the ones you love as much as you do.

Within the scope of our Turkey air ambulance service, we are capable of conducting international flights from any city of Turkey with jet and turboprop aircrafts.

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