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Istanbul air ambulance service is one of the novelties of the technology of our day brought to us by the leading company of the transportation sector Plures. Not limited only to Istanbul, our company also provides health services across Turkey and around the world thanks to its international flights. Distinguishing itself with its exclusive and meticulous approach to its clients, Plures Air sustains its leading and pacemaker status in the sector since long years.

What is an Air Ambulance?

With a history reaching back to world war and especially progressing in the period of Korea and Vietnam war, the utilization of air ambulance services in the world was not able to gain efficiency in real terms until recently due to the slow pace of country by country based advancement of aviation industry. Our company sustains detecting the demand and providing its clients 24/7 private air ambulance chartering services.

For saving your loved ones, fully equipped air ambulance services are brought to you, valuable customers across Istanbul and around the world by Plures Air conscious of human life being more valuable than anything.

Greatly demanded and all the more advancing air ambulances are the modified aircrafts to be utilized in health sector rather than general transportation. These aircrafts are crucial for early emergency interventions in force majeure cases such as emergency injuries, illnesses, accidents. Within the scope of our Istanbul air ambulance services, we ensure our health personnel working comfortably during an emergency intervention by limiting the maximum transferred patient number to 1 and accompanying people number to 2 depending on the type of the aircraft. Our health personnel on the other hand, includes 1 Doctor and 1 Paramedic and the service ambulances are equipped with intensive care units.


Time is the most crucial factor in cases of health emergency. As much important is the emergency intervention and fast hospital evacuations. When medical statistical data is analyzed, most of the patients either lose their lives due to delays in hospital transportation or suffer from the lack of required medical help. Awaiting to reach the demanded destination, our readily available air ambulances are at the disposal of our customers in a possible emergency situation in anywhere around the world including Istanbul.

The elimination of the greatest problem of highway transportation, traffic and the opportunity of a way more comfortable and safe journey, the ability to use maximum speed and reaching the patient in a faster way, patient evacuation opportunities with services we provide to countries other than Turkey, covering long destinations in short times and thus ensuring health hazards of long journeys to minimum for the patients can be listed as some of the many advantages of Istanbul air ambulance service.

Thanks to our rich equipment, extensive knowledge and attainment, our company is proud of being the most credible company in Istanbul air ambulance services. Using this knowledge and the attainment in the right way, we offer this sine qua non service not only in Turkey but also in many other countries with our international flights. With our growing and constantly improving transportation and service network, we offer 24/7 services in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Our company offers the two very crucial criteria of life saving together to your disposal; professional health teams and the utilization of time in the most efficient way by ensuring the fastest reach of a professional health team to you.


Istanbul Air Ambulance Services for 24 Hours and 7 Days

Our aircrafts are equipped with special care systems eligible in case of any situation or any demand. In addition, a special sensitivity is provided for ensuring the maximum level of patient comfort and safety during the flight. The fact that the aircrafts being equipped with latest technology devices enables heath professionals to conduct first interventions as well as any required intervention during the flight.

We provide Istanbul-based air ambulance services to many acclaimed and leading hospitals across Turkey and around the world. Thanks to flawless and credible transfers conducted with a professional crew, the number of medical institutions and patients who prefer Plures Air services increase every other day. Due to the fully and completely equipped Plures air ambulances, the possible risks are minimized during patient transportation as well. Our company offers fast and safe services by simplifying tough situations with an experienced and professional crew in medical evacuation operations. This is another reason why Plures Air is the preference of the leading medical institutions.

Providing services with principles of affordable cost, efficient use of time, credibility and customer satisfaction in providing different solutions for different demands, our company elevates the duty of Istanbul air ambulance services it has undertaken in air transportation field every other day by the support of you, valuable customers.

Preferring us for Istanbul air ambulance services will provide you a privilege.

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