With the service policy it has adopted and a service manner aiming customer satisfaction, Plures Air, besides being one of the world's leading companies in aviation services, is also a highly preferred corporation where customer relations are sustainable. Based in Turkey, Istanbul, Plures Air provides private jet, air ambulance, passenger and cargo aircraft charters as well as various other aviation services in a fast and safe way almost around the whole world while answering customer demands in the same way diligently.

Parallel to the developing technology, airway services and technologies improve every other day and short or long range flights witness crucial advancements with respect to both speed and safety. In this sense, monitoring the developments in airway services closely in order to sustain its world standard services, Plures Air revises its infrastructure and crew according to the latest improvements in airway industry; always aiming "the better" for its passengers.


Haven't you contacted Plures which serves the world yet? You are not late. So, why should you prefer Plures?


The sole reason of our company being the leading corporation of aviation industry is without doubt being focused on customer satisfaction at every turn. We have distinguished ourselves with our qualified and professional personnel, disciplined and well-controlled service manner, luxury aircrafts and transfer vehicles.

Turkey, Europe, Middle East and with a flight route constantly expanding, we have served numerous national and international companies with services such as group flights, seminars, franchise communities, business organizations, music and entertainment groups, diplomatic and official flights and service flights to multiple companies. We offer our every communication channel at your service in an active way in order to be always at your disposal in case of any problem. With our luxury aircrafts and transfer vehicles, which never compromise comfort for offering you a qualified and easy transportation, you will witness how short and peaceful a travel can get with us. During flight and transfers as well as afterwards, your gratification and references are always a source of pride for us. Therefore, we expect you to be 24/7 in contact.

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